Your Wedding Ceremony Duties

Ahh, the wedding ceremony, the culmination of everything the bride has hoped for and planned for so long. As maid of honor, you have the honor of standing next to her as she vows to love and to cherish her new husband so long as they both shall live. The wedding day is an emotional rollercoaster, and any bride can go from frantic to giddy to nervous to weepy in the span of a few minutes. She’ll want you there with her for every minute of it, whether it’s to hold her hand, check her makeup, reassure her, make her laugh, or help her into her ensemble. Your job is to be there for her for whatever she needs on the wedding day, and that includes a few things that are a given, such as signing the marriage license after the ceremony, holding the groom’s wedding band during the ceremony (your thumb is a good place for it), and holding the bride’s bouquet during the couple’s vows. Also, if the couple has decided to do a traditional receiving line after the ceremony, you’ll need to arrange the bridal party and get them ready for that. You can enlist the help of your fellow bridesmaids for this task.

A very important job that the maid of honor must know how to do is securing the bustle on the bride’s wedding gown. A bustle is simply a way to beautifully bundle up the gown’s train so that the bride can walk and dance with ease once the ceremony is over. Bustles can be secured in many ways, including buttons, snaps, or ribbons. You may want to go with her to her final fitting and have the seamstress show you how it’s done.

If there isn’t a wedding coordinator to corral everyone for pictures after the ceremony, you may be charged with this task. Ideally, everyone has been instructed to meet at a central location after the ceremony, usually at the altar of the church or wherever the ceremony took place, but if there are stragglers, make it your mission to track them down unless you are told otherwise.

TIP: The Emergency Kit

Every Good Maid of Honor’s Secret Weapon: Any maid of honor or bridesmaid worth her salt will tell you that it is your job to anticipate what will be needed on the wedding day and be ready for it. That’s why you should put together a wedding day emergency kit, and stock it with items that could save the day in a pinch that no one else will think of. Putting together all these supplies will probably run you about $50, so see what you have around the house first, before you go shopping.

Here’s a list of ideas for the kit:

  • White chalk to covers stains (God forbid) on a wedding gown
  • Straws so the ladies in the wedding party can hydrate without ruining their lipstick
  • Safety pins
  • Double stick tape
  • Nail glue/nail file
  • Deodorant
  • Breath mints or gum
  • Clear fingernail polish
  • Mini sewing kit
  • Over-the-counter pain reliever and/or antacid
  • Granola bars or something to munch on (By the way, make sure the bride eats something!)
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