What To Do With The Bridal Suite

Decorating the bridal suite is something that you may want to do for the couple, and it will require some communication with the groom or mother of the bride beforehand so they can slip you the key or have you check into the room. Check with the hotel beforehand on check-in time; that will determine whether you should decorate before the wedding or leave the reception early to do it.

Lighting dozens of candles in votive holders will set a very romantic mood; see if the hotel can light them for you just before the bride and groom are to arrive (be sure to coordinate this so that you or someone can call the hotel and let them know when)-it can’t hurt to ask, and you won’t have the anxiety of wondering if you set your best friend’s wedding suite on fire!

Rose petals look beautiful, but when stepped on, they grind a beautiful red stain into carpet. You’ll be better off buying the faux petals from a craft store-just as pretty but without the hefty price of paying for the hotel to clean their carpet. Arrange the petals into the outline of a heart on the bed for an ultra-romantic look.