Choose The Best Bridal Shower Favors

Favors aren’t absolutely necessary, but they’re a nice touch. After all, many of your guests may have traveled some distance to be at the shower and give the bride gift, a small token of appreciation is nice. One thing to keep in mind when choosing Bridal Shower Favors is that, although a party planner never wants to think about their guests throwing out their favors, the reality is, a favor that wasn’t well thought out is likely to be never used or simply tossed. One way to avoid this is to make your favor edible! The old Jordan-almonds-in-a-bundle-of-tulle may seem like kind of a tired tradition, but the thought behind it makes sense. You could take this idea and simply make it a little more “now.” You can purchase small boxes called gable boxes in nearly any size from a craft supply store or on the internet, and these are great to fill up with candy or cookies or any kind of small food. This type of favor can be done for about $1-2 each.

Another idea-you’ve probably seen candy buffets at weddings-a smaller scale works great for showers as well! Choose candy in colors similar to your decorations and buy different types and display them in clear glass container with a small scoop, and a small bag to carry it. If your colors were red and white, for example, you could do red licorice, hot cinnamon candy, white chocolate covered pretzels, and sno-caps. For a small candy buffet, expect to spend between $30-75, depending on the candy and containers you choose.

If you would rather not have an edible favor, try giving one that makes sense within your theme, but keep in mind they can get pricey: about $4-8 each. Give a small tabletop clock for an Around the Clock shower, or a package of recipe cards or a recipe book for a Recipe Shower. Cookie cutters would also be thoughtful for a recipe shower. A photo frame will hardly ever go un-used, so it’s a great universal favor idea as well.