Helping The Bride Choose Wedding Attire

What’s The Best Way For Me To Help The Bride Shop For Dresses?

Traditionally, brides ask the maid of honor to help them find their wedding attire. This task can be monumentally challenging and take months and several out-of-town trips, or it can be a lucky coincidence that she finds “the one” on the first shopping day. As maid of honor, you may want to ask the bride when she’s planning on going and let her know you’d love to come and help if she would like as wedding attire. And any bride would feel spoiled if you presented her with a stack of clippings from bridal magazines full of dresses that just made you think of her or that you thought would look amazing on her. She has undoubtedly been scouring the magazines herself looking for THE dress but an outside opinion is always helpful.

Knowing ahead of time which dresses she wants to try on can save time in the search, but try to encourage her to be open-minded and try on lots of different styles.

How Do We Find Out Where To Go?

This really depends on the bride’s budget, which can be anywhere from $150 to $5,000 and up. If you are in a smaller town, it’s probably a good idea to research the bridal shops in the nearest metropolitan area and spend a day shopping there for wedding attire. Research on a site like to find out the price ranges of certain designers and you can call the bridal shops ahead of time to see which designers they carry-that way you don’t waste any time at a shop that only carries designers that are way out the bride’s price range. Regional bridal magazines and the internet are a great resource for finding out what dress shopping choices you have locally.

What Time Frame Should We Follow For Making Her Choices?

For many brides, dress shopping is the first thing she wants to do as soon as she is engaged. Generally, if the bride is traditional and classic, this approach works well. However, if the bride is ultra modern and trendy and wants the dress of the moment, she should try to hold off on purchasing her gown as late as six months before the wedding, so that the “it” dress isn’t soo five minutes ago. Some dresses can take as long as three months to come in, while some can arrive in as little as a month, and then others that can be bought off the rack and taken straight home. You’ll also want to consider the time needed for fittings. The first fitting should take place at least six weeks before the wedding day. For example, for an early October wedding with a dress that takes the maximum time to come in, the dress would need to be purchased in mid-May. Five to six months is really the latest most brides should wait to purchase their wedding gown.

What Should I Know About Purchasing My Dress?

The necessary lead time for purchasing bridesmaid dresses is similar to that of the wedding attire: purchase 5-6 months before the wedding and leave at least 4 weeks for alterations. In almost every case, you are responsible for purchasing your own attire for the wedding, including the dress and alterations, as well as any accessories such as shoes and jewelry. You can probably expect to pay $120-250 for your dress, plus around $50 for alterations. If you’re asked to wear a dress any more expensive than that, the bride should really offer to pay.

More Tips for the Maid of Honor