What To Do With The Bridal Suite

Decorating the bridal suite is something that you may want to do for the couple, and it will require some communication with the groom or mother of the bride beforehand so they can slip you the key or have you check into the room. Check with the hotel beforehand on check-in time; that will determine whether you should decorate before the wedding or leave the reception early to do it.

Lighting dozens of candles in votive holders will set a very romantic mood; see if the hotel can light them for you just before the bride and groom are to arrive (be sure to coordinate this so that you or someone can call the hotel and let them know when)-it can’t hurt to ask, and you won’t have the anxiety of wondering if you set your best friend’s wedding suite on fire!

Rose petals look beautiful, but when stepped on, they grind a beautiful red stain into carpet. You’ll be better off buying the faux petals from a craft store-just as pretty but without the hefty price of paying for the hotel to clean their carpet. Arrange the petals into the outline of a heart on the bed for an ultra-romantic look.

Choosing Bridal Shower Locations

The possibilities for the shower location are really boundless, but it does depend on your budget and your guest list. Most traditional showers are held at someone’s home, which is great (and free!), but it’s not the only option.

You could also see if a favorite restaurant has a private room or section-this is a good option if you want the atmosphere to be fun and informal. They’ll most likely either let you use the room for free with the purchase of a certain amount of food. Or, apartment communities often have a common room that they will rent out for a small fee, usually between $50-$100.

This is a good alternative because there’s usually plenty of space and it is often decorated beautifully. If you’ve got a larger budget, you can look into renting out a small event venue; this can go anywhere from $300 to $5,000. If you are renting at a nonpeak time, you will often receive a discount.

To find out what venues are in your area, try Googling “event venues Memphis TN,” for example, if Memphis is your city.

Choosing Bridal Shower Invitations

The bridal invitations are very important, but often overlooked or underestimated, step in planning your bride’s shower. The invitation is the first thing your guests see, and it sets the tone for the event. Please, ladies: don’t buy the package from the store that has blanks for you to handwrite the when, where, who, etc. The fact of the matter is that we are living in the 21st century and there is no excuse for this. Almost everyone has access to a personal computer, which almost certainly has a word processing or even a basic graphics layout program, which is easily used to design a simple invitation.

Now, put the hand-written invitation package down, and walk a few steps down the aisle, and you will see the blankinvitation package. This product often has a cute and colorful border around it or some kind of design, and it is just too easy to lay out the wording on your computer and print them at home, or take them to a print center and get them printed while you wait. Usually, they can help you design the wording, too, if you are truly computer challenged.

Printing your invitations this way is really very inexpensive about $20 for a pack of 50 invitations, 10 cents per copy at your local copy shop, or free if you print from home. Of course, you can also just go to an invitation specialty shop and buy the blank invites (they’re quite a bit more expensive here usually-$1-2 a piece) and even have them design and print them for you (another $1-2 a piece).

Another reason to choose the printed invitation is that this is your opportunity to let your guests know what your theme is. Open the invitation with some cute or funny verses about the shower. This is where they figure out what is expected of them. Check out some invitation design websites for ideas for the wording on your invitation. They should be mailed 3-4 weeks prior to the shower.

How To Pick Bridal Shower Food

The food you serve at the shower might depend on the theme you’ve chosen, but not all themes are intensive enough to lend themselves to a certain type of cuisine. For a more general shower, such as Around the Clockor a Recipe Shower, you can serve pretty much whatever you want!

Some popular bridal shower standbys include little chicken salad sandwiches, dips with crackers or crostini, cookies or brownies, petit fours, a fruit tray, nuts, and tea or punch. The food is one area where you can cut costs if needed, by making all the food yourselves, and still have a fabulous spread for under $50.

If you have a little bit more money to spend, you could order some of the bride’s favorite finger foods from local restaurants and spend around $100-150.

TIP: Remember, the bride eats first at her shower! If she seems to be waiting for the go-ahead, it’s ok to let her know that she can serve herself or, if you’d prefer, you can serve her.