Planning a Wedding: 5 Helpful Tips to Help Battle the Stress

A wedding is a special single-day event that requires weeks of preparation so that every detail falls into place. For brides-to-be and wedding planners, getting to plan an entire day’s worth of events for a group of people to celebrate together has never been more stressful. With the different elements to gather, numerous parties to coordinate with, and endless decisions to be made, planning a wedding might not be as simple as planning a vacation trip or throwing a birthday party.

Wedding Stress - Take a Breath

However, the brides can still get all their to-do lists checked while staying sane in time for the big day. On the wedding day itself, brides should look like a million dollars, not like they spent the last 4-week planning a wedding. So for all couples who are planning to get married, make sure to include a few de-stressing activities to balance the yin with the yang. Here are a couple of tips to remember for the stressed-out brides and the anxiety-ridden wedding planners:

  • Mix business with pleasure. Planning a wedding involves a lot of meetings and conferences, which can become a bit tiring after a couple of rounds. Make the experience more bearable by having a friend tag along or inviting your siblings to attend as well. Not only can you accomplish tasks for the wedding, you can also spend some quality time with your family and friends as well.
  • Build a support group. Gain advice and encouragement from previous brides and experienced family members. Any other bride will definitely understand what you are going through so don’t be afraid to ask for help, for guidance, and even for just a quick pep talk whenever you feel overwhelmed. Planning a wedding is never an easy task but with more people helping out, nothing is impossible!
  • Schedule in rewards along with the milestones. Finally gotten around into finishing the dreading task of tallying RSVPs? Reward yourself (plus the groom as well) with a massage appointment or a foot spa date. Treat yourself for all the hard work you have done in planning a wedding and enjoy the small victories in a healthy, beautifying way that will help keep you fresh for the big day.
  • Spa day is a must! In any bridal checklist or wedding planning checklist, a spa day for the bride and her bridesmaids is a permanent entry. A week or a couple of days before the wedding day, get to decompress and relax on a girl’s day out session to achieve that perfect bridal glow. Take note not to try any new beauty treatments or experiment with peels and scrubs to avoid causing rashes, swelling, or breakouts during the biggest day of your life.
  • Don’t forget about date night. Yes, it is always about planning a wedding with brides and grooms. However, do not lose focus on what the real objective is – the love between two people. So, in between all the busy schedules, set aside a day for a date with the fiancé. Make sure to do activities, which are unrelated to the wedding so you get to enjoy the last remaining days of actually being engaged.