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Wedding invitations serve as the formal announcement for the eventful union of two individuals as they start a new journey as one. However, with the numerous options and formats available today for wedding invitations, the brides and grooms can give out their wedding announcements in a way that can absolutely represent their personal style, individuality, and even their wedding theme.

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For couples who are conscious of the carbon footprint their wedding leaves behind, technology has provided greener options for almost any element that is needed before or during the wedding day itself. Even with items such as wedding invite ideas, there are numerous ways on how to have an invite which suits the couple’s personality while still promoting a greener solution.

Here are a few wedding invite ideas for brides and grooms who prefer green weddings and eco-friendly options:

Take advantage of recycled paper and soy ink. With paper invitations that are to be sent out, opt for the greener elements that are available in most printers nowadays. Guests would love to know that you went out of  your way to specifically pick special materials for the invites and in turn, you’d also feel great that you have done your part in saving the environment.

Keep it simple and make it useful. With wedding invitations, their main function is to formally announce the big event and to include any special instructions or directions going to the venue. Maximize the use of the all the materials yet keep it to a minimum. Go for functionality and choose wedding invites that may double as lovely postcards to be framed or that includes a short story of how you two met.

Go paperless. For a more modern approach, get rid of the paper wedding invites and have everything up on the cloud. Set up a wedding website complete with all the important details, like the directions to the venue, the menu choices, the dress code, and even a few other surprises for the guests to enjoy as they visit the said site.

Reuse and recycle. If you are the crafty type, go through vintage and dollar stores to find items that can be reused as invites. Unused retro postcards and vintage handkerchiefs can be attached as part of the wedding invite to make it more creative and absolutely lovely. Repurpose old lace rolls and even paper doilies, as these wedding invite ideas will surely be a hit not only for the guests but also with Mother Earth as well.
Keep in mind that spreading awareness is also as important.  Add a fine print at the bottom or at the back of the invites indicating that no trees were harmed during the making of the wedding invite. Place signages at the venue and let the wedding guests know about how easy it is to throw a green wedding celebration. Indeed, weddings are for spreading love not only to your new spouse but for spreading the love for the environment also.

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