Bridal Shower Games

Games are the one thing that many people dread at a bridal shower – but that’s because so many hostesses don’t put a lot of thought into the games, so they end up being awkward or boring. But you don’t want that! So check out the list below for bridal shower games that are actually fun. If you don’t see any here that appeal to you, try a site like, where you can purchase printable game templates and packages online.

Top 10 Bridal Shower Games

1 – Wedding Night Hand Game: This is a game your guests won’t really understand until later on when you explain it to them, but that’s the idea! Have a bridesmaid, ready with construction paper and markers, instruct guests to place the paper on the floor and trace their hand with the marker-they can’t bend their knees. The bridesmaid should write down everything the guests say as they try to bend over and draw their hand. Later, you explain that the point of the game was to find out what the bride-to-be will say on her wedding night. You’ll get classic soundbites like, “Gosh, this is harder than it looks!” and “Oh! This hurts!” You probably won’t be able to get through the list of quotes without dissolving into laughter.

2 – The Apron Game: This game is somewhat costly, and may actually end up contributing to the hostesses’ gift to the bride. Purchase kitchen utensils like a spatula, potato peelers, can opener, measuring spoons and pin as many as you can fit on a cute apron. Have the bride-to-be wear the apron and walk around the room in it so all the guests can see her. Then take the apron out of the room. Give guests pen and paper and ask them to write as many items as they remember that were on the apron. The guest who remembered the most items correctly wins the apron, and all the bride takes home all the utensils!

3 – What’s in the Sock? : Purchase 5 pairs of socks, as well as 10 items the bride and groom might need on their honeymoon, like a tiny drink umbrella, condoms, lubricant, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc. Place each item in a sock and tie it closed, then write a number on the sock in sharpie. Have guests write down their guesses as to what is in each sock. Sounds easy enough, right? But they can only feel with their FEET-no hands allowed! Award a prize to the guest with the most correct answers.

By buying already made and printable bridal shower games, this will relieve you of the stress of figuring out every detail. 

4 – Who Am I?: Prior to the shower, get about 20 or 30 (depending on number of expected guests) index cards and write the name of a celebrity on them. As guests arrive, stick a card on their back, and don’t tell them who it is. It’s their job during the shower to ask other guests yes or no questions about their celebrity to eventually try to figure out who they are. The first person to figure it out wins a prize, and why not offer prizes for the second and third person as well?

5 – Recipe for Marriage: Purchase as many cute recipe cards as you will have guests. Pass them out at the shower along with a pen and ask them to write what is, in their opinion, the recipe for a successful marriage. Put them all in a bowl, and if you have time, have the bride read them and try to guess who it’s from with a little help from all the guests. It’s a wonderful and attractive keepsake for the bride to hold on to.

6 – Bridal Trivia: Come up with a list of ten or so questions about the bride, like her favorite movie, how many siblings she has, the name of her first dog, whatever you can think of. The funnier the better, as always. Pass out index cards and pens and read the questions aloud, asking the guests to write down their answers. Then read all the questions and have the bride tell you the correct answer. By show of hands, determine who answered the most questions correctly-that person will win a prize!

7 – How Well Does She Know the Groom?: You and the bridesmaids come up with a list of questions for the groom, and then call him or email him before the shower to get the answers. Good questions would include the time/place of their first kiss, what he wants to name their first kid, what body part of hers is his favorite, etc.

8 – Pick the Groom : This is a great couples’ shower game, especially since guys don’t like to play shower games but all they have to do for this game is allow themselves to be groped! Blindfold the bride-to-be and have all the guys roll their pants up to their knee. Tell the bride to feel each guy’s leg and try to pick out her future husband. Depending on how well everyone knows each other, you could of course also use different body parts like chests, faces, arms, or butts!

9 – Famous Couples Charades: Divide guests into teams. Everyone should write down the name of a famous celebrity couple from past or present. Players have to act out the celebrity couples in the classic style of charades.

10 – A Spot of Tea: This is a funny little game where guests try to decipher British-isms, and it’s oh-s–appropriate for the very British bridal tea. Put together a list of British words like loo, lift, lorry, and tube and have guests write down what exactly they think that means. Give a prize to the person with the most correct answers! Google “popular British expressions” for ideas. You could also play this game in reverse, by calling out the name we call it and having guests write down what they would call it in Britain.

How To Pick Bridal Shower Food

The food you serve at the shower might depend on the theme you’ve chosen, but not all themes are intensive enough to lend themselves to a certain type of cuisine. For a more general shower, such as Around the Clockor a Recipe Shower, you can serve pretty much whatever you want!

Some popular bridal shower standbys include little chicken salad sandwiches, dips with crackers or crostini, cookies or brownies, petit fours, a fruit tray, nuts, and tea or punch. The food is one area where you can cut costs if needed, by making all the food yourselves, and still have a fabulous spread for under $50.

If you have a little bit more money to spend, you could order some of the bride’s favorite finger foods from local restaurants and spend around $100-150.

TIP: Remember, the bride eats first at her shower! If she seems to be waiting for the go-ahead, it’s ok to let her know that she can serve herself or, if you’d prefer, you can serve her.

Planning A Bridal Shower

One of the most fun parts of being a maid of honor or a bridesmaid is planning the bridal shower. It is a chance to really be creative and show the bride how much she means to you. You and the bridesmaids are responsible for helping plan, set up, pay for, and attend the shower. If possible, it’s best for all the maids to get together to talk about the shower and what kind of shower the bride wants? Would she like a traditional ladies’ shower with cucumber sandwiches and tea, or would she prefer a more casual couples’ shower with barbeque and beer? Try to find out what other kinds of showers are being hosted for her, and you can feel free to ask for her input on the shower’s atmosphere and theme. There are several factors to consider when planning the shower: when, where, who, and how much.

WHEN: It’s of course essential that you consult the bride regarding a time frame for the shower; she is likely to be pretty booked in the months leading up to the wedding, so check with her for open dates before you plan anything. A very traditional bride may want to have her shower very close to the wedding, but a DIY (do it yourself) bride may prefer to have it earlier so that she has plenty of free time leading up to the wedding to complete her projects. You’re probably thinking, “…but, all she has to do is show up!” Ah, then you would be forgetting something very important: she has to find the perfect outfit. She may not have time to scour the dress department at Macy’s two weeks before her wedding, because she may need to be hot-gluing her homemade centerpieces or assembling her candy buffet! The important thing to remember: every bride is different, so don’t assume that the bride from the last wedding you were in is going to have the same preferences and expectations as this one. As far as time of day, most showers start anywhere from 1pm to 3pm.

WHO: Figuring out the guest list takes some thought. First you have to determine whether anyone else is hosting showers for the bride…perhaps an aunt or a friend of her mother’s. If this is the case, then you know that family members (if it’s an aunt) or family friends (if it’s the mother’s friend) are already being invited to a shower. In most cases, there is no need to invite them to another shower, with the exception of the mother of the bride and/or groom. It is a lot to ask of a regular wedding guest to attend and bring gifts to more than one shower and also the wedding. However, if your shower is the only one the bride is having, you’ll need to coordinate with the bride or with her mother, to find out what family members or family friends need to be invited.

WHERE: This can be tricky. Often there is a hometown, a college town, and/or a current city…which one do you pick? That depends on the WHO. If yours is the only shower, then hometown is the most likely answer. If your shower will just be the bride’s friends, then picking your college town or current city makes more sense. If you’re not sure, the bride probably has an idea of where she wants it; just throw a few suggestions at her and ask what she prefers!

HOW MUCH: You and the bridesmaids really should discuss budget very early on in the planning process. Typically the cost of the shower is simply divided equally among all the hostesses (which is usually the maid of honor and the bridesmaids), so you should consider the financial situation of all involved before making any plans. Budget can determine location, what food/drink is served, how many people are invited, and decorations. For the average twenty something bridesmaid, it’s reasonable to ask for $30-50 per person. If you have four hostesses, then, your budget could be from $120-$200. But every situation is different, so just discuss it with the bridesmaids.

Once you and the bridesmaids have the basics of the bridal shower decided, you can begin work on the fun stuff-like the theme and the food!

The Wedding Reception

Now that the vows have been recited and the couple has sealed their marriage with a kiss, it’s time to party at the reception! Well, actually, it’s probably time to spend an hour taking pictures first, but after THAT, it’s off to the reception. But before you and the bridesmaids let loose, you should act as hostesses for arriving guests and direct them to things like the

restroom, the gift table, the bar/buffet if applicable, the guest book, where to sit and try to answer whatever questions they may have. Guests don’t want to bother the bride and groom with these inquiries, and you will be wearing the bridesmaid uniform, so you’ll be a target for questions.


Many brides choose to have a big entrance for themselves and the groom, as well as the wedding party. This type of introduction usually goes in this order: entrance and the first dance of bride and groom, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, bridal party introduction, and dance. This order can of course be mixed up any number of ways. During the bridal party dance, you’ll likely be paired with the best man. However, the bridal party dance is not a given at any wedding reception. Many traditions like this are regional; it may be the thing to do in the Northeast but people in the South have never heard of it, or vice versa. It’s another one of those expectations you’ll need to check with the bride on. Even if there isn’t a bridal party dance, but there is dancing at the reception, you and the bridesmaids and the groomsmen should make an effort to get people on the dance floor by being the first ones to bust a move!


If it’s a traditional or formal wedding reception, the best man will probably make a toast. It’s a wonderful touch and so meaningful for the maid of honor to follow him, but in most cases, it’s optional.

Taking Care Of The Bride

Once the reception is in full swing and you’ve completed all your official duties, you can relax and enjoy yourself but still, make sure the bride has everything she needs at all times. This includes making sure she’s taken a moment to eat and drink (unless the reception is a seated dinner), fixing her bustle or dress if needed, checking and reapplying makeup, and, let’s be honest: it might even include holding up her dress while she, ahem, “powders her nose.” Also, if the couple didn’t opt for a receiving line, the bride and groom will be bombarded with guests talking to them at the reception. While this is great and what the couple wants, there will be guests who don’t know when enough is enough, and the couple needs to make the rounds to all their guests. This might be a good time to rescue the bride by telling her she’s needed somewhere and taking over with the guest or simply by joining the conversation so that the bride can make a gracious exit without leaving her guest alone. Of course, be as discreet and courteous as possible; these situations can be tricky.

Planning The Bachelorette Party

Now it’s time for the real fun to begin, the bachelorette party! This is the bride’s chance to really go wild and dance all her wedding stress away before the big day.

What’s The Difference Between The Bridal Shower And The Bachelorette Party?

Most brides have a bridal shower AND a bachelorette party on two separate occasions and if you do it like most people, they are VERY different. The shower, although you can make it as fun as you want, often has grandmothers and mothers in attendance, and as a result doesn’t get too wild or loud. It’s typically held at one location, such as someone’s house or a favorite restaurant, and lasts a few hours. Conversely, most bachelorette parties are basically just a crazy, crass night out on the town where the bride is paraded around in ridiculous, embarrassing wedding regalia. Of course, if you’ve learned anything from this site, it is what? Every bride is different. While some will lap up the attention they’ll get from people because they’re wearing a blinking tiara and a Bachelorette sash, others would be extremely uncomfortable and would prefer something more low-key.

What Types Of Different Bachelorette Parties Are There?

The traditional bachelorette party is as we mentioned earlier: a wild night out just for the girls, where the bride is adorned with tiaras, or homemade t-shirts, or any number of phallic-shaped items. A popular activity is to give all the girls in the party a scavenger hunt and put them on teams and the first one to complete all their tasks wins something. It’s a great way to get everyone out and about and talking to people and having fun. Since most bachelorette parties like this involve drinking, it’s a good idea to book several hotel rooms near where you’ll be going out so you don’t have guests driving home. Plus, it can serve as a central meeting location for everyone to get the party started.

However, if your bride is not up for this kind of party, there are plenty of other options. Some brides’ perfect bachelorette party might be simply going out to dinner and drinks with the girls, or to a wine bar, or to a spa for the day. One very fun (and funny) idea is the Ugly Bridesmaid Dress party. Invite all the guests to arrive wearing an old bridesmaid dress to get one more use out of them. Or you could buy a selection of awful formal dresses from a thrift shop or Goodwill to have available for guests and wait for the hilarity to ensue. This party idea makes for priceless pictures and is sure to lead to lots and lots of laughing, a great stress reducer for the tense bride.

Who Is Invited To The Bachelorette Party?

Bachelorette party invitees are typically close friends of the bride who are also invited to the wedding. Depending on how wild you plan to get, you probably don’t want to invite family (other than sisters or close cousins) or elders. But there’s no limit to how many people you can invite-the more, the merrier!

When Should We Host A Bachelorette Party?

Get with the bridesmaids and come up with a few tentative dates, then check with the bride. As I mentioned earlier, it’s helpful to do this several weeks or a month before the wedding so she has the time before the wedding to finish up last minute things. Surely this goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway: do NOT have the bachelorette party the night before. Even the weekend before is cutting it close to the wedding, because the bride probably intends to spend that last week perfecting her body, skin, hair, etc. A really crazy bachelorette party could lead to a good two-day hangover, which is not a good start to a week of beautifying, is it?

Who Pays For The Bachelorette Party?

Unlike the shower, where it’s never ok to ask guests to pay for anything, the nature of the bachelorette party makes it much more acceptable. It often involves a hotel room and transportation, which you can ask everyone who is using them to help pay for. A typical hotel room that sleeps 4-6 should cost between $120-240, and this truly varies by city and area. Costs for a limo or party bus also vary by area, anywhere from $80 to $300 an hour. And you may go out to a bar which would involve cover charges and the cost of drinks, and guests will expect to pay their own way here (but try to make sure the bride never has to get out her wallet!) Just be considerate-you might be able to afford to stay in an expensive hotel room or book a limo or a party bus, but not everyone can. Just keep in mind that some people may not come if you make the cost of attending too high. The one thing you and the bridesmaid really should pay for is if you plan to provide food and drinks in the hotel room or the central meeting location.

What Do We Do About Invitations?

A bachelorette party is much less formal than the shower usually, so online invitations, such as those from, are very popular for this type of party. We still can’t condone the use of the store-bought invitations that you write on yourself, but if you must, use them for the bachelorette party instead of the shower. However, there is often a lot of information to convey about a bachelorette party, such as how much they’ll need to pay if you’re getting hotels or transportation, what to expect, etc. It’s difficult to fit all that on one of those tiny hand-written invitations. Like with the shower, you can buy the package of already designed invitations and just lay out the wording with your computer, and they should be sent 3-4 weeks before the party.

Should We Ask Guests To Bring Gifts?

Since you’ve already hosted a shower that required guests to bring gifts, it’s a good idea not to ask them to bring gifts to the bachelorette party. If all the bachelorette party guests weren’t invited to your shower, one idea is to call it a Lingerie Shower/Bachelorette Party, or ask the guests to bring lingerie or naughty gifts from a sex shop-the more embarrassing, the better! Often, people will just bring gifts like this on their own, so it’s perfectly ok not to instruct them to do so, especially if you’re already asking them to pay their own way.

How Much Should The Bridesmaids Help? Should The Bride Get Any Say?

You and the bridesmaids should plan the bachelorette party together, preferably with a little bit of input from the bride just to set ground rules. If you want your plans to be a surprise, that’s ok; just ask her to tell you what she’s not comfortable with ahead of time so you don’t have any hurt feelings the night of the party. Bridesmaids should help you plan, set up, clean up, and pay for things that you wouldn’t ask your guests to pay for, such as food or drinks for the central meeting location.