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There are so many fantastic themes to choose from when planning a bridal shower. The internet is a great resource for coming up with a theme-just do a search for wedding shower themes. Your theme will need to be in keeping with the atmosphere you’ve decide on-whether it be formal and ladylike, or raucous and fun, or relaxed and informal. Here are the top 9 bridal shower themes as voted upon by the readers of our site:

Top 9 Bridal Shower Themes

1 – China Shower/Bridal Tea: A very formal, traditional bride would love a china shower or a bridal tea. You’d serve cucumber sandwiches, scones, tea, mint juleps, and other dainty foods. Your colors should be pastel or neutral and decorating the table with doilies or bits of antique lace would be in keeping with the high tea atmosphere.

2 – Naughty or Nice Shower: If you think your bride would like a little bit of wild fun, you could throw her a lingerie shower or a naughty-or-nice shower, where guests are asked to bring a naughty gift and/or a nice gift. Some fun things to serve at these types of showers are chocolate-dipped strawberries, champagne cocktails, and devil’s food petit fours-anything that is sinfully delicious. Decorate half the table in black and half in white, or give the bride an angel’s halo and devil’s horns.

3 – Couple Cookout: If your bride is more casual and laidback, she might enjoy a couple’s shower cookout, where you could simply serve beer and hamburgers and hot dogs hot off the grill. Brides who don’t like being the center of attention may love this type of shower because her fiance can share some of the limelight of opening gifts and it’s more of an informal atmosphere where guests are just hanging out.

4 – Stock the Bar or Wine Tasting Shower: Instruct guests to bring liquor or wine-related gifts, including actual alcohol or wine from the liquor store as well as registry items such as wineglasses or cocktail shakers. There are so many cute martini and wine themed decorations available right now, decorating should be a snap.

5 – Around the House or Around the Clock: On the invitation, you instruct each guest to bring something either from a certain room of the house or a certain time of day. For example, a guest who received a dining room invitation would give dinnerware or flatware; similarly, a guest who received a 7:00am invitation would give bath towels.

6 – Recipe Shower: Ask guests to bring a favorite recipe, along with all or some of the items needed to make the recipe. You could choose a few guests and ask them in advance what their recipes will be and serve them for the shower food. A good way to get conversation going at this type of shower is to have guests share ways in which they have messed up recipes: they put salt in the cake instead of sugar, they forgot to cook the potatoes before they mashed them, etc.

7 – Holiday Ornament Shower: This type of shower is appropriate any time of year, and is especially nice for a sentimental bride who likes to hold on to things that have meaning for her. You could serve all the traditional holiday fare in finger-food-form and have a subtle red and green theme.

8 – Brunch Shower: Start at 10am and serve classic brunch favorites like monkey bread, biscuits and gravy, French toast sticks, breakfast casseroles, and mimosas. This type of shower is becoming ever more popular as women are finding themselves bombarded with shower and wedding invitations that take up all their time. A brunch shower allows your guests to dedicate the first few hours of their day to your bride and then have the rest of the day to themselves. It’s a very considerate way to host a shower, and might I add delicious!

9 – Kitchen Shower: This one is pretty self-explanatory; guests are instructed to bring gifts for the kitchen, whether it be for cooking, baking, cleaning, kitchen decor, organization, etc. Offer the bride an apron and chef’s hat as she arrives to wear for the shower.

Your theme doesn’t necessarily have to dictate what gifts guest bring, what food to serve, AND how to decorate. As you can see, several of the themes mentioned above only dictate one or two of those things. It really is important to check with the bride on what other showers she’s having. If she’s having a kitchen shower and a china shower, for example, you don’t want to host a recipe shower because she has probably received most of what she needs in that area. An Around the Clock shower, to supply their home for all hours of the day, or a brunch or cookout shower, where the type of gift isn’t dictated, would be good in this instance.

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