Best Maid Of Honor Speeches – How do You Write the Best Maid of Honor Speech?

How do you write the best maid of honor speech?

It’s almost the big day and the stress of figuring out what to say in front of hundreds of people can be overwhelming. I know, because I have been there. I wanted to honor my best friend, someone whom I have grown up with and now its her day, her wedding. I remember the day as if it was yesterday, running around in a frantic just to get everything done. My mind wasn’t even on my speech or even what I was going to say. I knew I wanted to have the best maid of honor speech that I could come up with, but still didn’t have the time to write out my thoughts.

It was three days until the wedding day when I started stressing out about what I would say. I began asking some of my close friends what would be expected of me. Since this was the first time being the ‘Maid of Honor’ I really didn’t know what to expect. I remember breaking down one day and crying in my mom’s arms asking her for advice. She reminded me why I was the Maid of Honor and then started asking me questions. Without knowing what she was up to and why she was asking me all of these questions, I began to realize what I could say for my speech.

Sometimes we get overwhelmed when we are told we have to come up with a speech. A speech to me is a scary thing! Come on, do I really want to get up in front of all of those people and spill out my heart in front of them all! That is a scary thought to me. For some people, getting up and speaking to large crowds of people is like second nature, but not for me.

So what would make the best Maid of Honor speech?

  • The Best Maid of Honor Speeches are well prepared. I started preparing for my speech three days before the wedding. For some that is plenty of time, for others you might want to start writing down ideas and thoughts about your speech at least a week ahead. Having at least a week will give you enough time to practice and rehearse your speech. Sometimes its better not rehearse or practice because then the speech sounds like you are reading it and its not coming from the heart. Remember that the Best Maid Of Honor Speeches come from the heart, even if you never practice or rehearse before hand.
  • Some will say to include jokes, quotes or a poem that reminds you of the good times and funny times. Not all great Maid of Honor speeches have these qualities to them, but getting the crowd engaged and laughing or crying will do your best friend good. Remember the ‘good ole days’.
  • The best speeches are not too long, anything more than 8 minutes and you will start to lose the crowd. Include a short story or your favorite memory to get your audience involved. Short stories are often added to the best maid of honor speeches and are some times a great way of ending the speech.
  • The is important! Know what you want to say from the start to the end. If you just stand up and read from a note card you will lose the attention of the audience quickly. Most people don’t like listening to someone who is just reading from a card. The best Maid of Honor Speeches come from the heart and if you speak what is on your heart, you won’t need note cards. Not cards are good to put points you want to cover and to keep you on track, but not to just read from.
  • Being prepared is the most important thing that will separate the Best Maid of Honor Speeches from the rest. You can find many resources online that can help guide you to writing your speech and how to properly write the Best Maid of Honor Speech ever. Remember, you only have one shot at this speech, so take the time now and prepare for what you will say.

After I sat there crying in my mom’s arms, I got up and started jotting down my thoughts and ideas. This helped me remember memories and the great times we had together. I honestly believe that the best Maid of Honor speeches come from the heart and not from a note card. So take this as a maid of honor guide and prepare yourself for your best friends greatest day!

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