Planning a Wedding: 5 Helpful Tips to Help Battle the Stress

A wedding is a special single-day event that requires weeks of preparation so that every detail falls into place. For brides-to-be and wedding planners, getting to plan an entire day’s worth of events for a group of people to celebrate together has never been more stressful. With the different elements to gather, numerous parties to coordinate with, and endless decisions to be made, planning a wedding might not be as simple as planning a vacation trip or throwing a birthday party.

Wedding Stress - Take a Breath

However, the brides can still get all their to-do lists checked while staying sane in time for the big day. On the wedding day itself, brides should look like a million dollars, not like they spent the last 4-week planning a wedding. So for all couples who are planning to get married, make sure to include a few de-stressing activities to balance the yin with the yang. Here are a couple of tips to remember for the stressed-out brides and the anxiety-ridden wedding planners:

  • Mix business with pleasure. Planning a wedding involves a lot of meetings and conferences, which can become a bit tiring after a couple of rounds. Make the experience more bearable by having a friend tag along or inviting your siblings to attend as well. Not only can you accomplish tasks for the wedding, you can also spend some quality time with your family and friends as well.
  • Build a support group. Gain advice and encouragement from previous brides and experienced family members. Any other bride will definitely understand what you are going through so don’t be afraid to ask for help, for guidance, and even for just a quick pep talk whenever you feel overwhelmed. Planning a wedding is never an easy task but with more people helping out, nothing is impossible!
  • Schedule in rewards along with the milestones. Finally gotten around into finishing the dreading task of tallying RSVPs? Reward yourself (plus the groom as well) with a massage appointment or a foot spa date. Treat yourself for all the hard work you have done in planning a wedding and enjoy the small victories in a healthy, beautifying way that will help keep you fresh for the big day.
  • Spa day is a must! In any bridal checklist or wedding planning checklist, a spa day for the bride and her bridesmaids is a permanent entry. A week or a couple of days before the wedding day, get to decompress and relax on a girl’s day out session to achieve that perfect bridal glow. Take note not to try any new beauty treatments or experiment with peels and scrubs to avoid causing rashes, swelling, or breakouts during the biggest day of your life.
  • Don’t forget about date night. Yes, it is always about planning a wedding with brides and grooms. However, do not lose focus on what the real objective is – the love between two people. So, in between all the busy schedules, set aside a day for a date with the fiancé. Make sure to do activities, which are unrelated to the wedding so you get to enjoy the last remaining days of actually being engaged.

4 Creative Wedding Invitation Ideas That Will Surely Wow Your Guests

At the start of the entire wedding planning process, the wedding invitation sets the mood and the feel for the entire wedding day. Even with months before the big day, the wedding invites give the guests a sneak preview of what the wedding might just be like. All the important details of the day are also included in the invite – the hosts, venues, date, time, attire, and other noteworthy instructions.

Creative Wedding Invitation Ideas - Alternative Wedding Invitations - Wedding Invitation Sets

With the rise of modern technology and the evolution of the wedding industry, today’s brides have a number of different approaches when it comes to wedding invitation ideas. From simple laser-cut paper sets to the elaborate digital slideshows, wedding invites have now taken numerous shapes and forms. Its flexibility allows the soon-to-be brides and grooms to truly make their own wedding invitations and wedding day unique.

Creative Wedding Invitation Ideas

For those getting tired of the traditional paper invites and for those who simply don’t fit with the formal wedding announcement suites, here are 4 stands out wedding invitation ideas that are sure to make a statement:

Say it with infographics. This period of social media has brought us with visual data in its most compact and most attention-grabbing format in the form of infographics. This kind of wedding invitation idea may come in any shape, size, or even theme. It can tell anything from how the bride and the groom met, the different places they have visited together, and even the important dates in their individual lives. Print out the design on cardboard and mail them as invites or post them online for a quick Save-the-Date announcement.

Go digital and go paperless. For the earth-loving couples, going green is the way to go, even in the smallest details. The newest wedding invitation idea came from environment-friendly couples looking for ways to cut paper usage and costs. Invites can be sent via emails or all information regarding the wedding can be posted on the couple’s own wedding website. Photo slideshows, video montages, and any other digital artworks can be saved in a flash drive or a memory card and sent via mail to all guests for a more high-tech approach to the wedding.

Use and reuse. Give the invited guests an invitation that they will surely love keeping through printing the wedding invitation on fabric or linen. Even long after the big day, the fabric may be transformed into a tea towel, table runner, or even a simple hanging artwork. No unused parts for this cool wedding invitation idea!

Tickle the taste buds as well. Why not give your guests a little sugary love while announcing your big day? Another unique wedding invitation idea is to print the invites as a chocolate bar wrapper. Include edible goods along with the announcements, like granola bars, cookies, and even little finger snacks.

Overall, these wedding invitation ideas are just a few suggestions of what might work perfectly with each unique couple. Seize the moment and let your unique personality shine during the wedding day itself through the wedding invitations. After all, the entire day is about you, your beloved partner, and love.

Green Wedding Invite Ideas

Wedding invitations serve as the formal announcement for the eventful union of two individuals as they start a new journey as one. However, with the numerous options and formats available today for wedding invitations, the brides and grooms can give out their wedding announcements in a way that can absolutely represent their personal style, individuality, and even their wedding theme.

Green Wedding Invitation Example Themed Invitations Art Inspired Wedding on Amazing Green Wedding Invitation Ideas

For couples who are conscious of the carbon footprint their wedding leaves behind, technology has provided greener options for almost any element that is needed before or during the wedding day itself. Even with items such as wedding invite ideas, there are numerous ways on how to have an invite which suits the couple’s personality while still promoting a greener solution.

Here are a few wedding invite ideas for brides and grooms who prefer green weddings and eco-friendly options:

Take advantage of recycled paper and soy ink. With paper invitations that are to be sent out, opt for the greener elements that are available in most printers nowadays. Guests would love to know that you went out of  your way to specifically pick special materials for the invites and in turn, you’d also feel great that you have done your part in saving the environment.

Keep it simple and make it useful. With wedding invitations, their main function is to formally announce the big event and to include any special instructions or directions going to the venue. Maximize the use of the all the materials yet keep it to a minimum. Go for functionality and choose wedding invites that may double as lovely postcards to be framed or that includes a short story of how you two met.

Go paperless. For a more modern approach, get rid of the paper wedding invites and have everything up on the cloud. Set up a wedding website complete with all the important details, like the directions to the venue, the menu choices, the dress code, and even a few other surprises for the guests to enjoy as they visit the said site.

Reuse and recycle. If you are the crafty type, go through vintage and dollar stores to find items that can be reused as invites. Unused retro postcards and vintage handkerchiefs can be attached as part of the wedding invite to make it more creative and absolutely lovely. Repurpose old lace rolls and even paper doilies, as these wedding invite ideas will surely be a hit not only for the guests but also with Mother Earth as well.
Keep in mind that spreading awareness is also as important.  Add a fine print at the bottom or at the back of the invites indicating that no trees were harmed during the making of the wedding invite. Place signages at the venue and let the wedding guests know about how easy it is to throw a green wedding celebration. Indeed, weddings are for spreading love not only to your new spouse but for spreading the love for the environment also.

What To Do With The Bridal Suite

Decorating the bridal suite is something that you may want to do for the couple, and it will require some communication with the groom or mother of the bride beforehand so they can slip you the key or have you check into the room. Check with the hotel beforehand on check-in time; that will determine whether you should decorate before the wedding or leave the reception early to do it.

Lighting dozens of candles in votive holders will set a very romantic mood; see if the hotel can light them for you just before the bride and groom are to arrive (be sure to coordinate this so that you or someone can call the hotel and let them know when)-it can’t hurt to ask, and you won’t have the anxiety of wondering if you set your best friend’s wedding suite on fire!

Rose petals look beautiful, but when stepped on, they grind a beautiful red stain into carpet. You’ll be better off buying the faux petals from a craft store-just as pretty but without the hefty price of paying for the hotel to clean their carpet. Arrange the petals into the outline of a heart on the bed for an ultra-romantic look.

Avoiding Wedding Problems

If you’ve ever watched any of those addicting wedding shows, you know that wedding planning isn’t all cake-tasting and rose-smelling. A wedding must be planned like any other big event; it takes a lot of time, energy, and often, frustration. Likewise, your role as maid of honor will take a lot of time and energy, and probably a little frustration, too. You have several events to plan, the shower and the bachelorette party, you are expected to be the glue that holds all the bridesmaids together, and you might even have to (GASP!) speak in public. Anytime you are charged with working with a group of people, there will be disagreements, and it will probably be no different in this situation. The best advice for you is simply to be prepared.

Do your homework and research everything: shower ideas, wedding gown shops, wedding toasts, and anything you are responsible for. When in doubt, Google it!

Stay on top of things and follow through with what you say you’ll do. If you are prompt and keep the bridesmaids and bride in the loop, there will be less room for discontent or talks of mutiny among your bridesmaid ranks.

Advice for Long-Distance Maids of Honor

Living far from the location of the wedding and/or the bride can be tough, and even tougher if you’re not in driving distance. If you’re not local, you simply can’t accompany the bride on dress shopping trips, vendor interviews and meetings, or lunches with the bridesmaids to discuss cake flavors or first-dance songs. It can feel horribly alienating to be the only one who feels out of the loop. If you are in driving distance, do what you can to schedule one trip into town early into the engagement to get together with the bride and bridesmaids and celebrate and discuss plans and expectations. If that’s not a possibility, absolutely get everyone’s email address and start an email circle. This is a great way for the bride to update you all on what she’s doing, and for you and the maids to discuss and plan the shower, dress shopping, and the bachelorette party. Be honest with the bride and the maids; if you can only afford to come into town for the wedding and one other time, let them know that. She’ll either decide that the shower and bachelorette party must be on the same day or understand that you can only be at one of them.

Keeping everyone happy

The maid of honor often has to act as a middleman to make the bride’s life a little easier, and sometimes she has to jump into action where she sees things that need to get done. There may be bridesmaids who feel like you are telling them what to do and resent that. That’s why it’s so important to really concentrate on being positive and diplomatic any time you communicate with them, especially when it’s a message to the entire group. You were chosen as maid of honor for this wedding, so that must mean you’re a lovely person. Just make sure that in the stress of being the bride’s right hand woman, you don’t lose that loveliness and become bossy and demanding.

Staying Organized

As the head of the Bridesmaid Brigade, you’ll want to help the bride out by making sure the maids know where they’re supposed to be and when. Again, the email circle will be helpful for this. You can create a calendar in a word processing program and notate all the important dates on it, such as when the bride wants you to help pick out bridesmaid dresses, possible dates for the shower and bachelorette party, deadlines for when their dresses have to be purchased, etc. You can email this file to all the other bridesmaids to make sure everyone’s in the loop and knows what is expected of them when.