Predictions For The Future Of Higher Education

The future of higher education is unknown. A big question to ask is, “what is the fate of higher education in the future and what can we predict by current research?”


The rapid changes that are realized in higher education will trigger unpredictable and predictable scenarios. Some questions to ask are: What should students be learning? How do you keep students engaged and provide useful, real-life experience in the classroom? How do you empower their learning to your fullest ability? What do students ultimately want and how can you give that to them?

These are just a few questions that should be answered when thinking about the future of higher education


The method of teaching is a probable subject of variation in determining the future of higher education. The common method of teaching in-class lectures will have to change. This is because advanced technology can force students to multi-task. For instance, a student can now work full-time and gain that valuable real-world experience while obtaining a higher education degree. They simply don't have time to be in the classroom for every single lecture, and still can get a great education with today's advancement of technology.

In addition, most of the higher education enrollment procedures will probably be online and computer tailored due to rapid technological advancement. The use of computers in higher learning will be the basic learning feature that will eliminate the use of books since everything can be accessed online. I see a future world where no one will student in a higher learning institution will buy physical books, but e-books to make their student life efficient, easier, and more accessible in today's technical world.

The future of higher education will not only be changed among students, but teachers as well. The instructors will have an easier time teaching; and can record a video about a given topic they were to teach, post it on the web, and give students the link so they can view it anywhere. This not only makes teachers lives easier, but allows students to access lectures anywhere in the universe.

By shifting our balance from traditional learning to e-learning, I forsee the future of higher education taking a big turn in the near future. With the technological advancements taking place daily, the world of higher learning is bound for great things. With that said, higher education must invest in the proper technology in order to advance our society as a whole.

In today's world students carry their smartphones everywhere. From the classroom, to the gym, to the bar, they never leave home without it. It has become a handheld personal computer that allows students and teachers alike to access any file, at any time. Additionally, the universities need to embrace this and begin utilizing iphones, ipads, and the cloud software technology to create more of a nimble and efficient education. This type of thinking will allow students to become more engaged from anywhere in the world, and give them access to lectures, exams, quizzess, and homework from every device in their household.

With that said, this type of transition takes time. The more universities are willing to invest in technology, the better off our higher education system will be.